07 November, 2014

A Course of Study

I love to learn. My internet handle of choice, from whence I take the title of this blog, kind of reinforces that idea, for what true bibliophile doesn't love to learn? I enjoy going to classes, reading about things I'd never known, delving deeper into subjects of interest, the works. I felt a little like a battered wife after I graduated University (I love you, Knowledge, even if you starve me, take all my money, and beat me with the midterm stick!), but I'm reaching the point where I'm starting to itch for a new project involving stuff I didn't know before.

That being said, I think it's important for any man who would be a scholar, even an amateur one, to draw up some course of study and stick with it. Unfortunately, as I've admitted before, I'm terrible at this. As an improvisor, I feel constricted even by self imposed restraints, which is part of why I'm bad at working out (that and a general aversion to sweating). This doesn't mean I can't do it, but it does make starting new projects a lot like shoveling concrete.

Right now I have three projects I want to start: to learn enough Latin read the Vulgate and Principia Mathematica, work my way through the Saxon calculus books and eventually my generator theory book, and begin bookbinding as a hobby that actually creates something. Of the three, one is good for my soul and reinforces another currently underway project (Latin), one is good for my professional development (calculus), and one just looks like a lot of fun (bookbinding).

The dilemma I face right now is finding time and money to pursue even one of these. Between my work schedule, the house, and family, I'm a bit short. Fortunately, of the three, two should moderate in the next couple of months, so I should be able to carry on with even a modicum of planning.

I do love video games, but I think it's time I moved on to something that involves actually producing something. Latin, calculus, and books sound like just the things to keep me interested.

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