03 July, 2015

My God, My God...

Why have you blessed me so?

So I went dark for a while. Admittedly, when the number of my posts is fewer than the number of my years (and Dr. Durant would still call me a "youth"), it's not entirely accurate to call what I did "going dark." Regardless, I haven't posted anything since about November, and now I'm going to try to post some more. As to why I did so, well, I might tell you.


It's a dark and very weird tale that at times I'm not even sure I believe myself. Except that I do. With all my heart. I don't know the why or the specific mechanism, but I do know it's not important and that I will know all that I need to know in the fullness of time. Cryptic enough for you yet?

The net effect so far of this continuing weirdness is that I've been drawn closer to God and that my little girl is healthier now than I've ever seen her. As such, I see no compelling reason to stop, though I miss some of the things and people I've effectively cut myself off from. But then, I'm pretty sure Lot missed his wife after he left Sodom, so I'm in good company.

So a brief update: I'm still following #GamerGate, and much closer than I had been (this thing is still a Hobbit fight, but now it's the Battle of Bywater, not some dinner party squabble), I'm in for the Tor boycott, still reading Vox Day and getting an education, and thinking about things a lot harder than I had been. Oh, and I started shooting a muzzleloader and casting my own bullets (I refuse to call them boolits), which is a lot of fun!

I'm also more happily married than I've been in years. Truly, the Lord has blessed me in ways I never looked for, but the mundane side effects have been pretty damn excellent. It's been a wild ride, and I have a suspicion that the reason for it is that the ride is going to get even wilder.

Dark times are coming, evident to anyone who has eyes to see. Buckle up, brothers, we are not forsaken.

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