27 February, 2016


So I'm off Twitter.

There are at least half a dozen good reasons for this, not least of which are the incessant shadowbans, the aggressive stupidity, the aggravation of arguing with total strangers, you get the idea. I took a break from it last year, but never actually deleted the account.

This time, I did.

I won't be missed, I know, as I never really cared enough to try an build a follower base and it showed. Funny thing is, with this insane election season I was actually starting to pick up a little steam with all the rants and political crap I was engaging in. Still, the added distraction and elevated blood pressure simply isn't worth it, and like Facebook, the tiny amount of good was too easily drowned by the massive amounts of dreck. I debated going out in a blaze of glory and getting myself banned a la Stacy McCain, but I'm such small fry that it would be a prohibitive amount of work and frankly nothing I really wanted to throw myself into (I just don't care enough about those people to do the work of properly pissing them off. This is part of why I'm generally bad at social media).

Anyhow, if by some random chance someone word-searches my handle and lands here, yeah, it's the same Militant Bibliophile. I haven't gotten tired of making wry comments and talking about stuff, so I'll probably amp up my usage of this place for just that reason. The goal is a posting frequency higher than once every seven months.

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