01 March, 2016

Stupor Tuesday

Hardly an imaginative title, but it fits my mood. The AOSHQ Decision Desk is doing its usual bang-up job (no fooling, these guys provide outstanding coverage, much better than the alphabet networks) and showing Trump off to an early lead.

Anyone who followed my now defunkt Twitter feed knows that, while I'm not strictly a Trump partisan, I completely understand his appeal and tend to agree with Vox Day that he's one of our last, best hopes to avoid the rise of the ultras or the complete dissolution of the nation. Where I differ with Vox is that I also think Cruz has a shot at doing the same, but I like the idea that Trump will destroy the modern Republican party (which desperately needs it) while Cruz would allow it to limp along for at least one more presidential term. That particular patient needs to be put out of our misery. So, go Trump.

As to the Democrats, well, we've got an uglier reincarnation of Jezebel running against a Red Diaper Doper Baby Socialist, so if they win it'll be another four years of Obama only less lazy. Just as Trump will, at best, buy us time before the eventual collapse, the election of one of those clowns will only speed it up. I hate to admit it, but there is a perverse attractiveness to that thought, though it will mean more bloodshed and not less. Still, I'll pass. I may think civil war and dissolution of some sort are inevitable, but it doesn't mean I'm in any particular hurry to get there.

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